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Perfect Money Review

Perfect Money (PM) is one of the most mysterious payment systems.

If you have ever registered on the LocalBitcoins exchange, you probably know that this payment system is marked as “high risk payment gateway” there.

If you have ever invested in the so-called HYIP, you probably know that this payment system often works with fraudulent projects. Not always, but often.

If you have been using this payment system for a long time, you know that earlier the system used the domain and then changed the domain to The domain was changed, apparently, due to the possibility of blocking the domain in .com zone. It is more difficult to block a domain in .is zone (Iceland).

In turn, fears of blocking were caused, obviously, by the closure of a similar payment system - Liberty Reserve. In May 2013, Liberty Reserve was shut down by United States federal prosecutors under the Patriot Act after an investigation by authorities across 17 countries.

It is obvious that the likelihood of similar investigation against Perfect Money has forced the management firstly to completely abandon the service of US citizens, and secondly to change the domain name. Yes, they lost a lot of US citizen users, but this way they successfully saved whole payment system.

In spite of the fact that today the US authorities have no claims against this payment system, one must understand that it is under scrutiny.

If you do not take into account its semi-legal status, the payment system has some unique advantages from a technical point of view. We believe that the company’s management will take in the future some steps to complete legalization of its activities and will work on its positive image.

But at the same time, if you have ever tried to sign up and pass the verification in the Perfect Money payment system, you probably came up against the situation, when you send them a qualitative scan of your passport and receive in return a message informing that you have edited the file in Photoshop (even though you do not know how use it). As a result, users who would like to use the payment system for legal operations meet significant difficulties in passing verification, while the system clearly supports the acceptance of payments for very dubious projects.

Therefore, we say that Perfect Money is a very mysterious payment system. Perfect Money has always been behindhand in legality, but with the disappearance of Liberty Reserve, the reputation of the Perfect Money payment system was badly damaged. Perhaps, this system’s credibility will be back, but if it does happen, it is not very soon.

Therefore, we use it only if we need to use a service that accepts only Perfect Money for payment. If the service has alternative payment methods, for now we would rather prefer them.

We have been using the Perfect Money system since 2011 and have never encountered problems. Nevertheless, we try not to store large sums there.

The system’s website welcomes us by the advertising slogan - “Perfect Money presents unique features for Business and Personal accounts.” We must pay tribute to the system’s creators, because the system did have unique functions in 2008, when it actually began to work.

But in 2017, the functionality of the system looks rather modest. The system has a rather limited number of ways to top up the account:

Debit cards are not issued by the payment system, and you cannot top up your account with VISA/MASTERCARD cards.

A user can have several accounts, for example:

U1234567 - USD equivalent
E1234567 - EUR equivalent
G1234567 - GOLD (Oz.) equivalent
B1234567 - Bitcoin equivalent

The system provides an opportunity to undergo verification and thus reduce the commission for internal transactions. You can find many complaints on verification at different forums. The verification process becomes a nightmare for many users.

There is a receipt of payments through the API.

There are basic functions to ensure the account security: you can include a PIN through SMS, create a card with codes.

A pleasant bonus is the possibility of receiving 4% of the income on those means, which are on your accounts. However, due to rather low level of this payment system legality, this bonus is generally useless. After all, in order to get a substantial income at this rate, you need to keep very large amounts of money on your accounts. And in our opinion, this is very risky.


Perfect Money has a minimum set of functions. Nevertheless, the system has been working well for many years. It is unlikely to be your “personal bank”.

However, if you like risky high-yield investments, which can be more correctly called just investment games, then Perfect Money is a financial tool without which you cannot do.

In general, as long-time users of the Perfect Money system, we can definitely say: yes, it can be used, but one should keep in mind all those nuances that we described above.

   Functionality (functions that such a system can potentially possess)
   Account Security (functions that ensure the account security)
   Useability (intuitive understandability of the account management interface)
   Support Service (speed of response to requests for assistance, courtesy and competence)
   Legitimacy (weighted average legality based on international law)

Overall Assessment: 4.4 of 5

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