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Payeer is a payment system, which is officially registered in Georgia. However, since the population of the whole country of Georgia is comparable to one city of Chicago, the payment system is certainly designed not for Georgian users. Although they can also use this system, nevertheless, there is no national Georgian currency - Lari (GEL) - in the payment system at all.

But there are Russian rubles (RUR). The payment system is designed primarily for Russian users. Use of electronic currencies is strongly limited in Russia. The Russian government is actually pursuing a dictatorial policy concerning all crypto-currencies, limiting its citizens’ freedom. Therefore, payment systems that are registered in Russia are strongly limited in their capabilities.

Creators of Payeer payment system understood this quite well. They made a payment system for Russians, but they registered it in Georgia.

We do not want to say that this payment system is made exclusively for Russians. It is made for everyone, but it the most convenient namely for Russians. Users all over the world, including US citizens, can use the system.

Registration in the system is so simple that the registration is almost complete, as soon as you click on the Register button:

After registration, you get into your account and you can immediately top up the account.

The first way to top up the account is the Russian payment system - QIWI. There is also an opportunity to top up the account through the BTC-E Russian stock exchange:

A pleasant feature of the payment system is the fact that a certain variety of accepted crypto-currencies is presented here. You can top up the account not only with Bitcoins, but also with several other alternative currencies (altcoins), for example Litecoin and Dogecoin. Of course, it would be more appropriate now to add Ethereum, Dashcoin, Monero. But let’s hope that the developers will monitor the situation on the market and will add more relevant allcoins.

An automatic exchange office is built in your personal account:

This is very convenient, if you have accounts in these systems.

Unique features of the account presents a design change to a dark, i.e. night theme. As it often occurs on stock exchanges.

As for the rest, the system is very similar to AdvCash. Except for having smaller set of the account safety functions.

Payeer issues MASTERCARD cards both plastic and virtual. There is an opportunity to undergo verification and increase the limits. In general, a standard set of functions for a modern payment system.

The website displays an interesting list of differences from other payment systems:

However, the creators of Payeer prefer not to compare themselves with similar systems, for example, with AdvCash or OKPAY, but compare themselves with those systems that are in different leagues.

QIWI, Yandex.Money, Webmoney (WM) are Russian official payment systems, which cannot officially afford the functionality that is available on both Payeer and AdvCash. Paypal undergoes a similar situation being even more limited by the U.S. law.

Perfect Money is the only offshore company in the list, which could be compared to Payeer functionality. But the system has long been stuck in its technical development in the past decade, and of course, Payeer looks more attractive compared to it.

The public list of the latest transactions on the website causes some confusion:

If considering the list, you will see that the majority of transactions in the system are made in rubles. But our perplexity is not connected with this, but with the fact that logins of the one who sent the payment and the one who received the transfer are published there. Despite the fact that some logins are hidden by asterisks and it’s almost impossible to find the users, all this does not look safe. However, it was apparently done to visually convince us that the payment system is being used. Although, we had no doubt.


Payeer is a simple, understandable and multifunctional modern payment system. It can easily become your personal bank, because here you can store your savings even in bitcoins. Payeer is a direct competitor to AdvCash, because it has practically the same functionality and set of features. Taking into account the integration with Russian payment systems, it is obviously an ideal payment system for Russians. For the rest, it is as good as AdvCash.

   Functionality (functions that such a system can potentially possess)
   Account Security (functions that ensure the account security)
   Useability (intuitive understandability of the account management interface)
   Support Service (speed of response to requests for assistance, courtesy and competence)
   Legitimacy (weighted average legality based on international law)

Overall Assessment: 4.9 of 5

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