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Paid Consultation

Our analysts and experts can give you a paid consultation about any service, which is somehow connected with crypto-currencies, electronic money and investments.

Our consultation can be particularly relevant, if you are going to invest large sums in doubtful investment projects. Our consultation costs only 500 USD, but thanks to our advice, you can save thousands or tens of thousands of dollars.

Thus, buying our paid consultation, you can save a huge amount of time, nerves and money. By buying our experience, you can save considerably, because the acquisition of your own experience can be many times more expensive.

Our experts study electronic payment systems, crypto-currencies and investment tools for the last 10 years. We have a unique experience that, perhaps, no one else in the world has. Of course, our experience is subjective, and we do not give guarantees of our rightness. Nevertheless, if you are new in this area, we are sure that we can be of use to you.

Our paid consultations are exclusively private and are not published anywhere. You can be sure of the uniqueness of your paid consultation. After all, as we know the most expensive information is the one that nobody talks about.

Paid consultation goes as follows:

1. You pay a consultation at a rate of 500 USD (If you going to pay Bitcoins, you can calculate amount in BTC at Google BTC/USD rate calculator):

Our accounts only:

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PAYEER: P61955497

2. You send a request for receiving a consultation.

Within 7 working days, our experts will prepare a detailed consultation and will send it to you by e-mail. If our experts dealt with the service you want to get advice about, you will receive it promptly. Otherwise, we may need time to get acquainted with the service and collect information about it. In some cases, it may even take additional time to conduct an investigation.

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