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Cryptopay provides you with Bitcoin Visa Debit Card.

You can get a virtual card by signing up, or ordering a pin or chip plastic card. Cryptopay will send it to you free of charge all around the world. EUR, GBP, USD cards are available at the moment.

If taking into account the fees, then Cryptopay would potentially be on the top positions among the best global Bitcoin Debit Cards providers. On the other hand, Cryptopay offer only Bitcoin as funding source. It's maybe that is why, the Cryptopay still not much popular in the market.

Getting a Card

When entering your name and e-mail, you will be sent to your account page. There you will find the amount in your Bitcoin, GBP, EUR or USD balances, and a special button that will give you the possibility to place an order for a Cryptopay card.

In the appeared window, you will be able to choose the type of card you want – a virtual debit card or a physical one. For the second choice, you will be asked to enter your address details in addition to the payment and receive of a number of your credit card.

When the card is ordered, move on and load it up from your Bitcoin wallet.

Using a Card

Cryptopay presents a pre-paid debit card with the same functionality as e-coin, but, in this case, you will use a Visa card instead of Mastercard. When the card is loaded, you can use it as a regular Visa card in ATM machines or for paying any purchase, which accepts Visa card. Only you know that namely Bitcoin was implied to load up the card.

Exchange Procedure

Cryptopay gives great advantage to users that want to work with Bitcoin in their ordinary trading affairs and shopping dealings. Nevertheless, Cryptopay and cards provided offer the best results namely to global travels. They can place an order for a debit card in the currency of the destination place and use it later like a domestic card. The POS and ATM fees are the same as for local citizens. The advanced planning is no longer required. You do not have to find out where to exchange currencies, how much you will be charged or what card you should use. Cryptopay offers you the chance to load up a card at 2.5% rough estimate and use it like a local citizen.


Cryptopay has worked cooperatively with BitGo to provide a very safe FLEX e-wallet. BitGo’s system is considered the safest wallet on the market. It uses a 2 out of 3 signature technique before withdrawing Bitcoin from e-wallet. BitGo and Cryptopay have to sign a transaction request for this methodology, and the request will be automatically checked by a standard fraud procedure of BitGo. BitGo ensures that due to this technology a hacker would not have the chance to transfer Bitcoin out the wallet without breaking in the BitGo database in case of any server breakthrough.


Cryptopay is a good solution for cash withdrawal, but with limited sources of account funding. You can top up your account only with Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

   Functionality (functions that such a system can potentially possess)
   Account Security (functions that ensure the account security)
   Useability (intuitive understandability of the account management interface)
   Support Service (speed of response to requests for assistance, courtesy and competence)
   Legitimacy (weighted average legality based on international law)

Overall Assessment: 4.4 of 5

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