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Advanced Cash Review

In a modern high-tech world, it is difficult to imagine a person who could do without electronic money.

As a rule, the initial choice of electronic currency is a matter of chance. You had to pay for a product or service, which accepted Paypal only, and you registered an e-wallet there.

However, the choice of payment system is not accidental for users with experience and for those who receive their income on the Internet.

A perfect payment system can be called the system:

1. which has full functionality that allows you to liquidly exchange one currency for ANY other both directions, including buying it for VISA/MASTERCARD cards and withdrawing it from VISA/MASTERCARD cards;
2. which has many ways to ensure the user account’s security;
3. which has an understandable and convenient interface;
4. which Support Service operates promptly and you do not have to wait for an answer to your letters for weeks;
5. which is officially registered in USA or EU and has divisions, offices that can be visited in the city you live.

There is no such system at the moment. Still there is one payment system, which, in our opinion, is very similar to the ideal one. It is called Advanced Cash (AdvCash).

We will consider the system from the point of view of an average user, who has no need to accept payments on his website through the API (although the system has this function as well).

For us AdvCash is first of all:

1. a wallet and a place to keep money;
2. an exchange office, where we can exchange one currency for another;
3. a provider of plastic and virtual cards.

AdvCash Against of Market Leaders

Our favorite Paypal is the standard of electronic payment system. At the same time, it has its drawbacks against which AdvCash looks more attractive.

The main advantage of AdvCash is the marginal liquidity of this currency: it tops up practically in any way, and what is most important for us, by means of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

At this stage, Paypal cannot afford such luxury. The laws of the United States govern their activities, while AdvCash is registered in Belize.

Of course, it is safer to keep money in such a company that has an office near home. This creates some illusion of the payment system reliability. Only because of this, AdvCash is inferior to market leaders (and of course, the number of users, but this is a matter of time). It is difficult to imagine a situation, when you would want to visit their office in Belize.

Nevertheless, namely thanks to Belize registration AdvCash can offer significantly more financial services and freedom.


AdvCash Account

It is very easy to open an account with AdvCash system.

A usual registration process, when you do not even have to confirm your phone number.

You may need this if you want to undergo verification.

Prior to verification, the owners of personal accounts can top up the account by 1000 USD per day and 2500 USD per month. They can also withdraw up to 500 USD per day and up to 2500 USD per month, and make transfers to other users of the system for up to 3000 USD per day or month. In some cases, in connection with certain transactions, verification and/or additional verification according to our security policy and fraud suppression can be requested.

Generally, it is not difficult to undergo a verification: you should load copies of your passport and of the document confirming your residence and receive an SMS to your phone number.

Passport and other documents that you upload to the website should not be processed in Photoshop. You should load them to the website the way your scanner provides the file. If you crop it or do something else with it, it will not be accepted for verification.

After you have opened an account, you can immediately top it up. But there are some limitations before verification.

You can use all opportunities of the system before undergoing verification, except for topping up the account by a bank transfer. In addition, the difference between the verified account and the unverified one is in the quantitative limits for top up and withdrawal of funds, as well as for card transactions.

That is, you can order cards, whether virtual or plastic one, without passing verification and start using it immediately, but with some limitations.

A plastic card that comes to your mailing address requires a simple activation on the website. The AdvCash card differs by its matte surface. It looks beautiful and elegant:

The website interface is so clear and simple that there is no need to describe it in details. Namely such interface can be called perfect. When the website has nothing superfluous and all the necessary information.

Safety System

The AdvCash payment system pays much attention to the account security. You can configure a token, one-time SMS, make a filter by IP, etc. – i.e. everything is done to ensure that your funds are safe.

Intelligent identification

At every login attempt, several parameters are checked. If the system sees any change in your IP address, browser type etc. as suspicious, you will need to receive a security PIN code to your email and enter it to log in.

IP Address Binding

Restrict access to your Advanced Cash account to certain IP addresses or a specific IP address range.

SMS Authorization

Enable this identification method if you want to receive a code via SMS every time you log into your account. Please make sure that your phone number is verified before activating this feature.


Payment Password

When this is enabled, Payment Password will be required for money transfers and withdrawals.


One-time password generator for transaction authorization. They offer 2 types of tokens, software tokens and hardware keychain tokens. Software tokens are available for iOS and Android.

Code Card

Activate this to get a code card with reusable codes used for transaction authorization. The code card is available for downloading immediately after activation. If you lose your code card, you can obtain a new one by contacting customer support.

Account funding

According to the number of ways to depost your account, it can be assumed that AdvCash has set itself the goal of surpassing all the existing systems.

Before verification you can fund your account with: PAYEER, Bitcoin, BTC-E, EXMO, OkPay, Perfect Money, eCoin, Epese.

After verification you can fund your account also with: VISA, MASTERCARD (with your name), SWIFT WIRE Transfers, SEPA Transfers, Qiwi Wallet, Payzaa

There are the same number of methods to withdraw funds and to top up the account.


AdvCash is a convenient and versatile wallet, a payment tool that can meet your every need. You can even accept payments through the API, if you decide to sell something on your website or provide some services. The only insignificant, in our opinion, lack of this payment system is its Belize registration.

   Functionality (functions that such a system can potentially possess)
   Account Security (functions that ensure the account security)
   Useability (intuitive understandability of the account management interface)
   Support Service (speed of response to requests for assistance, courtesy and competence)
   Legitimacy (weighted average legality based on international law)

Overall Assessment: 4.8 of 5

Opean an account with AdvCash.Com